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I've looked over the Bulbapedia page on Pokeblocks, and I've gathered the following things:

  • Pokeblocks have values for each flavor, and feel
  • When fed to a Pokémon, the Pokémon's condition raises in correspondence to each of the Pokeblock's flavors
  • Each "stat" of a Pokémon's condition maxes out at 255, similar to EVs
  • When a Pokémon's "feel" stat has been maxed out, it can't have any more Pokeblocks

My question is, say that I feed my Pokémon a Pokeblock that is only spicy (raises coolness), but my Pokémon's coolness stat is already maxed. Will it only raise the Pokémon's feel, or will the Pokémon just not accept it?

Please don't question my curiosity.


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No.once a Pokemon has maxed out in coolness/beauty etc. it won't accept any more pokeblocks.

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Have you tested it?