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Moves that Pokemon couldn't learn before but can now (like landorus getting defog)

I believe those are move tutor moves.
More than just those in these releases, interestingly.

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Here is a link to a data dump listing all the movepool changes in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, including all changes to level-up moves, egg moves and all new tutor move learnsets:

» All new movepool changes in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

This dump also includes full details on the movepools and stats for each new Pokemon introduced in the games. Press Ctrl + F in your browser to search the document for a specific Pokemon.

Not sure who to thank in particular for this document, but Kaphotics, SciresM and KazoWAR have been prolific in data mining these new releases as always, and deserve credit.

If you're concerned primarily with what is explicitly new, you can look for the following features in the dump. This encompasses all the changes that have been made:

  • Telekinesis, Ally Switch, Defog, Liquidation, Stomping Tantrum, Throat Chop and Laser Focus are the new tutor moves. This document lists all the Pokemon that receive the moves. Unless they were already in their movepool through other means, these moves are new to each Pokemon.
  • Any time there is a move listed with a number to its left, it suggests the move is a new addition to its level-up movepool.
  • Any time these is a move listed beside the word 'Egg', it means it is a brand-new Egg move for that Pokemon.
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