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I'm planning to trade a Jangmo-o from SM to USUM because I started Ultra Sun from beginning. When this Jangmo-o evolves into Kommo-o can it learn, let's say, Close Combat? Gamefreak gave Kommo-o better movepool in USUM, but can Kommo-o from SM learn the same moves as a Kommo-o in USUM?

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Yes, Kommo-o can learn Close Combat at Level 75 in USUM, but not in SM. I keep switching the tab between "Sun/Moon" and "Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon" and from the looks of it, they just added the move to Kommo-o's level-up learnset. In USUM, apparently Kommo-o cannot pass down any egg-moves (like Counter, Dragon Breath, and Reversal in SM).

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So my Kommo-o will learn Close Combat allthough it's traded from Sun/Moon?
Ya, to get the move on your Kommo-o, just trade it and go to Mount Lanakila's Pokémon Center (to the move relearner). Give her a Heart Scale and teach it the move.