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When you get a totem Pokemon is it stronger or is it just bigger?

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As far as I can tell, there is no difference in strength of the totem Pokèmon it seems the only thing that happens is that it increases in its size, but you can see in the adverts it seems that its Aura flares to life in each battle so its stats may change...

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At the start of a battle, Totem Pokémon are enveloped in a special aura which boosts one or more of its stats by a fixed number of stages. According to Wicke, their size and aura are a result of being bathed in the energy spilled from Ultra Wormholes, the same kind that the Ultra Beasts use to wield their Ability Beast Boost, which is further revealed in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to be Necrozma's light. Totem Pokémon are battled in SOS Battles, which allows them to summon an ally to help.

SOS Battles with Totem Pokémon differ from regular SOS Battles in that their supply of allies may be limited, which allies they call is not influenced by the weather, and they call allies at specific times rather than at random (so their calls are unaffected by the Adrenaline Orb and status conditions). Both the Totem Pokémon and their allies have more advanced artificial intelligence than wild Pokémon, mirroring Trainer behavior. Totem Pokémon each also hold a specific item, usually one that will synergize effectively with their particular strategies or cover their weaknesses. Due to the island challenge rules, Totem Pokémon and their allies cannot be caught. Like all wild Pokémon, if the player steals an item from a Totem Pokémon (such as by using Thief), the player's Pokémon will still be holding the stolen item at the end of battle.

Totem-sized Pokémon
Totem-sized Pokémon have larger heights and weights compared to their original counterparts, which changes the mechanics of some moves (such as Low Kick and Grass Knot). Totem-sized Pokémon can be only obtained in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but they are also Shiny-locked, and their sizes cannot be passed down through Pokémon breeding. Even if their species normally have multiple Abilities, Totem-sized Pokémon can only have a particular Ability, as listed below. The Ability is the species's Hidden Ability if the species has two standard Abilities, and the species's sole standard Ability otherwise; thus Totem-sized Pokémon's Ability cannot be changed by Ability Capsule.