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As it appears early in the game, and the fact that leveling it up is easy, is that Zorua worth me catching it, Evolving it and using it?

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If your starter wasn't Litten, then I'm pretty sure Zorua's worth using.
I was going to choose Litten (again as it was pretty good) and well... The Zoura seemed worth the pokèball to catch it...
If you already chose Litten, then you already have a dark Pokemon. Why would you want another one?
In Sun I have three dark types on my team... and it has never lost...
If all you care about is not losing, then you can use any Pokemon you want as long as you take the time to level grind them. If you want to finish the game relatively quickly, then you should probably not use Zorua.
So... What other Pokèmon can I use?
I had every starter on my team in Moon.
Stuff with types that Incineroar doesn't have, like Magnemite, Pichu, or Wingull
It helps against Necrozma...
But Incineroar already beats Necrozma.

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Doesn't matter who you pick. Like, I chose Popplio and I encountered Zorua by accident. I was shocked that he was in USUM and he instanly joined my team. So yeah it's worth it

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Almost any Pokemon can be made to work against NPCs, so yes.