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If I have a Swoobat with the Simple ability, and it has used Calm Mind twice, does the increase in base power of Stored Power negate the special attack boost?

[Base + n(boosts)x20] + STAB
20 + 8(20) + STAB
180 x 1.5


[Base + n(boosts)x20] x (2+n(SpA boosts)/2) + STAB
[20 + 8(20)]x(6/2) + STAB
180 x 3 + STAB
540 x 1.5

One of these should be right, and I'm really hoping it's the latter.

I don't see why it would be the first one.

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The base power will be of the first equation (270). It will deal the damage of the second after STAB and SpAtk boosts.

For instance, Ember has a base power of 40, but after STAB in a fire type Pokémon, it will act like it is base power of 60.

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The first equation is already considering STAB.
I was really only asking if the move factored boosts for both the base power and the total power, and it looks like the answer is yes.