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When Light Screen is used for instance, it's said that it "Raised Special Defense." If the user of Stored Power set up the screens, would it affect Stored Power's BP?

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I don’t think it would. It’s not technically a stat buff, it’s a field buff.
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Light Screen / Reflect doesn't raise your defenses, it just halves the damage. (It did double the defenses in Gens 1 and 2, bit Stored Power wasn't a move in Gens 1 and 2)

Light Screen

Also, take a look at this replay. (I forgot to invest Clefable's Special Attack EVs but oh well.) If Clefable's base Stored Power did get a boost from Light Screen/Reflect, it would've did more damage to Gengar.
Also, on the Pokemon Showdown Damage Calculator, even with Reflect and Light Screen still up, Stored Power will still have a Base Power of 20.

EDIT: Aurora Veil doesn't affect Stored Power's base power.

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Didn't know Barrier actually raised Defense, thanks