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Hi, in my Pokemon pearl I was breeding a chansey with a male buneary, assuming it was in field. But nothing is happening and when I searched up its egg group up, it just said fairy. So can somebody tell me? I'm also curious about clefable.


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They've both always been in the Fairy egg group. To clarify, the fairy egg group has nothing to do with the fairy type; while the fairy type was introduced in in XY, the fairy egg group has been around since Gen 2, when breeding was first introduced.

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He said he already tried searching.
I think their confusion came from the introduction of the Fairy type in gen 6; @Bonaculars, egg groups have nothing to do with typing, so while Fairy as a type was only introduced in gen 6, Fairy as an egg group has been around since gen 2, when breeding was first introduced, and have always been Chansey and Clefable's only egg group.
^^ Pssst put that comment in the question.
This type of question would usuallly be trivial but I allowed it since OP clearly tried searching.
KRLW890 I thought the fairy egg group was originally from X and Y, but thank you.