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So, I saw Bulbapedia's page on Comatose states what affects this "sleeping" Pokemon. Apparently, Hex does double damage to it. But it's immune to Hex, you say? Well, not when you use a move that changes its type, like Soak, then it does double. So that makes me think...

It also says it is susceptible to Nightmare. But can that really be, when Komala is a Normal type? Is Normal immune to Nightmare? I've honestly never encountered that circumstance, since you don't see Normal types in Ubers (Darkrai). Or would it require Soak?


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Thunder Wave has always been the only status move that respects type immunities.

Nightmare doesn't respect the type chart, so it can hit normal Pokemon. It also calls the type chart by its first name and doesn't bother holding the door open for the type chart, because it doesn't respect the type chart.

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but don't forget Leech Seed respects type immunity too
Will-O-Wisp respects type immunity as well.
Leech seed is separately programmed to not hit grass Pokemon, and fire Pokemon are immune to burns, not specifically to the move will-o-wisp. When leech seed and will-o-wisp are used by a normalize Pokemon, they can still hit ghost Pokemon, but thunder wave can't.
Also, Spore moves
Spore moves are separately programmed to not hit grass Pokemon.