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So I was trying to catch a komala, and my snorlax used yawn. last I checked comatose protects against all status conditions EXCEPT sleep, but when I used yawn, IT SAID THAT IT'S COMATOSE PREVENTED THE EFFECTS OF IT!!! please help this is driving me mad.

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Comatose makes the user act as if it were asleep, without inflicting the status; the Pokémon with this Ability can still use moves (including successfully using Sleep Talk and Snore). It cannot be afflicted with non-volatile status conditions or become drowsy due to Yawn. The Pokémon with this Ability takes double damage from Hex and Wake-Up Slap, can be affected by Dream Eater and Nightmare, and cannot successfully use Rest.


Basically, it acts like it's already asleep, so it can't be status'd but can still use moves. The one on this database is poorly worded, I'll report it.

Hope I helped!