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You know on the Wormhole Riding you can get unlimited Ultra Beasts, but Stakataka and Blacephalon are the only ones you find in the Poni Grove, so can you encounter Stakataka after you completed that mission after the Elite Four?

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This Pokemon has the catchiest name, if only its name was unlimited

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Nope, those are the only Stakataka in the game. You can try searching for one on the GTS, though
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Really find it odd and annoying that you can't find Stakataka, Blacephalon, & Poipole in Ultra Space...
Soundwave i find it annoying too...
Extra annoying for me 'cuz Poipole doesn't come in a Beast Ball, which T R I G G E R S me.
Oh, I just realized that
It kind of makes sense, though. All the UBs were limited in SM, and now they are unlimited. But Game Freak is doing the same thing with the new UBs, making them limited. If, in later games, UBs can be caught in the wild, I predict that the four new UBs will be unlimited along with the old. (boi that was long)
Provided they don't just drop the idea like they did Mega Evolution, and more than likely Z-Moves too next Gen in favor of the next gimmick...