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I'm wanting to restart my X file to enjoy playing it again. I purchased Bank and was looking through my boxed Pokes to see if there were any with good items as it said in Bank that they put them back in my bag, and if I were to restart the game, I would lose the any items. I looked at my level 100 Shaymin from an event and saw it was holding a Micle berry. I know that you can only get the Micle berry through events but is it really worth keeping? Also, if it is, is there any way I can save it without trading as I only have a regular DS, one 3DS, and no friends? :P

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I've never seen it used in any competitive battling format, though it may have other uses.
The Micle Berry increases a Pokemon's beauty stat by quite a lot - I remember dying to have one when trying to evolve my Feebas back in Gen IV lol. Now it's a lot easier to evolve Feebas with the Prism Scale. I'd say that's it's only other use but I can't be too sure. It sucks that you're not able to save it.

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After reading Micle berry's Bulbapedia article several times, and waiting a few weeks for someone to comment here saying it can be useful, it seems as if it's only uses are trading for good Pokemon from item collectors (there are probably a few on the GTS) and making natural gift rock type.

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