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Would this work?
I mean if it did that would make his overall stats very high.
Wouldn't this give scyther 120 in both defenses while still having a base of 105 in speed and 110 in attack?

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I don't get the point of a defensive sweeper
The defense would probally be enough to set up atleast two swords dances without being mudered, then sweep.
Right, J98. But sweeping or not, Scyther Rules!

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It would, but do you really want to have a Pokemon built for sweeping be a wall? And a very poor wall at that. I mean, Bug/Flying typing isn't the best walling type. You're better off gving him a Life Orb. He has Technician remember, so his moves do more damage than you'd think.

I don't want him to be a wall, I only want him to be able to take a hit without dying when I'm using Swords Dance
Then give him a focus sash!
Then priority would kick my butt....
What are you talking about!?
I swords dance, I take a blow. 1 hp. Any kind of priority move could take me out like that.
I see...well its your pokemon, hope you come up with a good idea!^^
Dang, I voted this up.. Who the crap voted it down?
I think that the best set for him is a bulky sweeper, where you use the eviolite to set up a swords dance or two, then sweep with aerial ace, bug bite, and maybe brick break for rock and steel types?