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In Pokemon fire red, there are only two places to find scyther. One is in the Celadon Game Corner and the other is in the safari zone. In the department store you have to give 5,500 Coins to uy scyther. I am running low on coins so I can't afford it And I'm terrible at slots. In the safari zone, scyther has a very low encounter rate. Can anone tell me a away to increase it?

You can buy 500 coins for P10,000, so a Scyther costs P110,000. You can try defeating trainers until you save up that much. The amulet coin from Route 16 should make it easier.

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You unfortunately cannot increase chances of a Scyther appearing. However, Bulbapedia states:

If Bait is thrown, it will be "eating" for 1-5 turns, during which the catch factor is halved. If Rocks are thrown, it will be "angry" for 1-5 turns, during which the catch factor is doubled. Being "angry" or "eating" is mutually exclusive, though modifications to the catch factors will stack.

I believe this means that throwing either Bait or Rocks will increase your chance of catching Scyther for a few turns.


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Actually there is a way to increase the odds and it works I found three 1% encounter scythers in the kangaskhan area and I found 4 kangaskhans this way didn’t catch the kangaskhan and only one of the scythers you increase the odds by using super or max repels in the zone and have a pokemon whose level is 25 in the first slot of your party this way you eliminate almost 1/2-2/3 of the encounters you would normally see there I cannot tell you how many parasects I saw along with kangaskhan and scyther this trick works!