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I got really lucky and found a male Ralts on the first encounter, and it's a Kirlia now. I want to get Gallade as fast as possible.

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Super train, Secret bases or Defeat wally
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I'm pretty sure the earliest location (without trading or cheating) is the inverse battle place in Mauville City.

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Theoretically, the earliest you could obtain a Dawn Stone in ORAS would be after accessing the PlayNav functions of the PokeNav Plus, which is just after the player aids Wally in catching a Ralts. You could chance the GTS or trade with another player at this point, but there is also the option of Super Training. Once a Pokémon has maxed its EVs through the standard levels, you unlock Secret Super Training. The level with the Gallade balloon, titled "Those Long Shots Are No Long Shot", is the one that offers a Dawn Stone as a prize. Mauville City and the player's first encounter with Aarune happen later.

The inverse battles are more of a lottery and you only get one chance per day. Secret bases demand more effort, and you need at least bronze rank for stone hunters.

Thanks, I'll try the PlayNav. Or I could just hold out until Wally gives me one in Victory Road.
It may also interest you to know, if you're sticking with Kirlia, that you can find an eviolite at 123 Go Fish on Route 123.