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I see flying type is the fastest type in Pokemon. The fastest flying type is ninjask but why deoxys is psychic type and faster than ninjask. Can you explan?

It really doesn't have anything to do with what type they are, and everything to do with the design and balance of the individual Pokemon.
deoxys travels at light speed
well It's an average, so deoxys doesn't make up for the slower psychic types.
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By "fastest type", I'm guessing you mean fastest on average. Just making sure you know, the average speed is the sum of the base speed of all Pokemon with a certain type divided by the number of Pokemon. Because of the way addition works, having an extreme outlier like Deoxys won't raise the average as much as having many fast Pokemon like Aerodactyl, Crobat, sky Shaymin, Talonflame, Swellow, Noivern, Tornadus, and mega Pidgeot.

Here are the average speeds of each type:

NOR: 71.23 (08th)-
FIR: 74.41 (07th)-
WAT: 63.77 (11th)-
ELE: 81.82 (02nd)-
GRA: 59.60 (17th)-
ICE: 67.21 (09th)-
FIG: 77.10 (05th)-
POI: 66.08 (10th)-
GRO: 59.84 (16th)-
FLY: 85.50 (01st)-
PSY: 77.84 (04th)-
BUG: 62.81 (13th)-
ROC: 53.97 (18th)-
GHO: 63.39 (12th)-
DRA: 80.52 (03rd)-
DAR: 75.53 (06th)-
STE: 60.35 (15th)-
FAI: 62.30 (14th)-


18th: Rock (53.97)
17th: Grass (59.60)
16th: Ground (59.84)
15th: Steel (60.35)
14th: Fairy (62.30)
13th: Bug (62.81)
12th: Ghost (63.39)
11th: Water (63.77)
10th: Poison(66.08)
9th: Ice (67.21)
8th: Normal (71.23)
7th: Fire (74.41)
6th: Dark (75.53)
5th: Fighting (77.10)
4th: Psychic (77.84)
3rd: Dragon (80.52)
2nd: Electric (81.82)
1st: Flying (85.50)