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So, I was on Discord and I saw someone say that Pokeballs effect natures. I didn't think that this mattered, so I'm a bit confused. Anyone mind confirming if it's right or wrong? Thank you for your help!

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If you mean catching Pokemon in different Poke balls influences their natures, that would be impossible because natures are set when the Pokemon is encountered and before it's caught.

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I have not heard of such a thing before. See Bulbapedia for how natures are determined,

Furthermore, there is no mention of affecting natures on the Pokeball page.

The only way I know of manipulating a nature of a Pokémon encountered in the wild is by leading your party with a Pokémon have the ability "Synchronize" and the desired nature. However it is not always guaranteed that this works (50/50).

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yeah, i synchronize for natures, but poke-balls have never affected natures.