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I am about to fight the Pokemon league in Ultra Sun and caught Necrozma with a Master Ball and can't find Solgaleo any where.


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Right what you need to do is go towards iki town on melemele island and head up to the ruins where tapu koko lives. A cutscene starts and you can catch solgaleo for your team.

I'd say spam false swipe on it and then spam ultra balls on it.
It won't be very effective because Solgaleo is a part-Steel-type.
No the point is that I'm not saying how to catch it, just how to find it.
Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma are relatively easy to catch, save your master ball for Giratina/Groudon/Mewtwo.
Source: experience, https://www.dragonflycave.com/calculators/gen-vi-vii-catch-rate
95% with 5 ultra balls @ 1 hp, 50% with 2 @ 1 hp
That's pretty easy
I caught my Mewtwo on a lucky 1st turn Ultra Ball. Giratina though... its immune to false swipe as it is a ghost type, so one of my 5 master balls might be necessary...

Oh and if you were wondering, I never used the Master Ball in Omega Ruby, and the legends in USUM and SM are easy to catch, so does anybody want one?
i mean, i used my two on palkia/mewtwo because it matches their color scheme.