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I need an Everstone because I don't want my Torracat to evolve. I've been meaning to ask this question a while ago, but I forgot and and at one point the computer wasn't working, etc.

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You can prevent its evolution by pressing the B button. You don't need any items for that.

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You can be given an Everstone by Ilima after you defeat her in Post-Game. You can also find one at Poké Pelago's Isle Aphun by doing the "Path for Brilliant-Stone Hunting!" expedition.

If you have a Pokémon with Thief/Covet, you can "steal" an Everstone from Roggenrola in Ten Carat Hill.

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Catching the Roggenrola also works.
I believe that llima is a guy? XD I can see that he may look like a girl. Also have an ability to see what items the other pokemon have- which saves a lot than finding the wrong or not at all.
bruh... Ilima is a dude