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No clue where it is. In vanilla sun it was the Corsila by kukuis house but they are not here in ultra sun. One of my friends says Swellow in Ultra Space sometimes have them but if that's the case I don't know whether that means they hold them and I need to use thief, or if they drop it on the ground after defeating them just like Swanna and the EV feathers.

Thanks in advance for any help, highly appreciated.

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The Wide Lens is dropped by Swellow after defeating it on the Cliffside of Ultra Space Wilds. Note that you need to enter a Red Wormhole in order to have a chance to encounter it.


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Thank you so much! Well... Time to grind!
You can also get it from Yanmega, which is in red too.
Oh. It's very hard .
That's why I don't do the Ultra Warp Drive sidequest.
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Wild Sableye have a chance to be holding a wide lens
Sableye is encountered in an SOS battle with Carbink. (If you are in Ten Carat Hill you need to be in the cave portion)

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