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I can't decide of what is the better Pokemon, I currently own an Adamant Archeops w/no item
Trait : Defeatist
Stone Edge

And what I want to try is if this staraptor has better stuff than archeops

Staraptor @ life orb
Trait : Reckless
Moveset :
Brave Bird
Close Combat

So who is better, Archeops or Staraptor?

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Dude do you want to kill that thing(staraptor) or what??
Brave Bird + ReckLess + Life orb = Death of a bird .
Remove the life orb and your staraptor is Complete .
Ability :Reckless
Close Combat (Eliminate Ice and Rock disadvantage )
Brave Bird (STAB,Reckless)
Double-Edge (STAB , Reckless)
Steel Wing / U-turn (Variety) - Go for U-turn .
Almost the same moveset but what can I do you are awesome at analysing advantages and weaknesses of a pokemon .

**I go with staraptor because archeops' ability ruins things easily and staraptor has a more than reliable speed and Attack .
Just remove life orb else it will become too risky .

And an amazing moveset to kill any ONE opponent ; try this ,
Endure (TM 58- Platinum/Hg/Ss)
Quick Attack

Agility set up speed if you are not dying in a OHKO .
Endure to take the hit and use endeavour when on one hp .
Use quick attack to wrap things up .

But this moveset is too unreliable so go with the one mentioned before .

You want it to be suicidal. Go with as much damage as possible before you get hit. That is how Staraptor works. So give it the Life Orb and let it die in a blaze of glory.
Instead , why not blaze in glory and hold on to your life ??
Staraptor without life orb is also enough to beat most opponents just that it is already taking enough recoil so come on we gotta let the bird live !!
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I would go with Staraptor. It can learn all the moves you need to cover the weaknesses, and amazing attack and speed. And yours has the perfect combination of moves.

Hope this helps =)

No reason to vote this down people.
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If you care about attack, it would be archeops.

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Archeops, in the right circumstances, is better. It is only better if:

  1. Archeops has decent HP
  2. Archeops has high Special Defense (since Ice is it's main weakness)
  3. Archeops has been EV trained in Attack

The reason Archeops can fall is because of it's craptastic ability, Defeatist, in which it's Attack power is halved if it's HP is less than half.

Staraptor, on the otherhand, can be the best choice because of it's reliability. No matter what, Staraptor will land good damage.

Dude archeops is equally weak to ice , rock , electric , and water .
Actually, Archeops ability doesn't have much effect on it. This is due to the fact that Archeops has such poor defenses, meaning most hits will OHKO it. However, it has excellent sweeping stats, so it can hopefully OHKO the foe first. It is quite good in this manner. You'll want EVs to be 252 Attack, 252 Speed, and 4 HP.
Exactly why my answer suggests Staraptor, Unidentified. Archeops has too many weakness and he can't cover them all.
I just found a solution to his ability! In double battles have him with a pokemon that can learn skill swap like Reuniclus or Mewtwo. Then, if you want, skill swap with Archeops so your pokemon with skill swap has Defeatist. Then switch that pokemon with another, so now Archeops doesnt have his bad ability anymore.
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Archeops has amazing strong attack, although he has a HUGE letdown; his ability.

I would go with Archeops, cause he's strong and can learn a wide range of attacks. Also he looks cooler.

I also forgot to mention the EV training in attack and speed. You wanna teach this guy strong atacks cause you would want KO the foe before he/she KOs you.
Archeops has 5 weaknesses compared to Staraptor's 3. It doesn't get great coverage from its movepool unlike Staraptor. Staraptor doesn't have as good of stats but it's much more reliable than Archeops. At best you can OHK 1-2 pokemon before your opponent switches into something that will destroy it. Besides, there are plenty of pokemon that can do what Archeops does better than it can. Staraptor is better because it can work in more situations than Archeops, whos effectiveness depends on the opposing teams' setup.
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Archeops' Abiltiy, Defeatist, RUINS him, so go with Staraptor

His ability may ruin him, but the point is you wanna KO the foe before he KOs you.