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Typically, I'm able to find some sort of timeframe for when overworld weather occurs in certain places, like Exeggutor Island or Haina Desert. However, I've checked everywhere, and I can't find anything on a timeframe for hail in Tapu Village. Can someone help me out?


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However, there are no specific times of hail in tapu village. Bulbapedia says that it hail in some days.

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Hail occur in 6:00pm to 11:59 pm at mount lanakila
I'm pretty sure it follows a regular agenda. Most weather in Alola does.
No meaning to downvoting me. I saw it on bulbapedia last week. I also checked it after answering this question.
The hail must be determined in some way. If that information isn't on Bulbapedia, then that means Bulbapedia isn't complete.
O. I also searched on serebii and they also say that it hails often in tapu village .
I wonder why they didn't include that the article is stub .