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I had just researched how to get the hidden ability, harvest, for exeggcute and it said to s.o.s chain and the higher the chain, the better the chance. I just now finished a chain after about 40 minutes of straight working and the exeggcute still had chlorophyll and not harvest. I am wanting to know if there is an easier way. Are there any easier ways, other than a lengthy s.o.s chain, to get a harvest ability exeggcute/exeggcutor?

Even if you chain high, the best chance you'll get of turning a HA is 15%. If you use SOS, bring a Pokemon that can reveal the target's ability, so you know when you have what you want. You can use Trace, Worry Seed, Skill Swap, etc.
The only other way is dream world.
You could  also try trade forums like reddit or certain Pokemon Showdown rooms.

I think I have a couple exeggcute breedjects on XY that I can pokebank across if you want them.
i mean, i sos for HA w/ 4 IV's, and i get it by 34-38 range. Honestly, it isn't that bad... but that's just me.

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Get the Pokemon Red or Blue on your 3DS, Poke Transporter, and Pokebank. Play until you get to the city after waking up one of the Snorlaxes and go the the Safari Zone. (you have to anyway to get Surf) In the patches of grass above the hidden house where you get Surf, get an Exeggcute. Gen 1 Pokemon will always have their hidden ability when you transfer them to current games. This also applies to Gen 2 Pokemon. Next, just put it in a box and use Poke Transport to put it in your Pokebank, and use Pokebank to put it in S/M, US/UM, OR/AS, or X/Y. The gender of the Pokemon will be randomized.

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Imho, I don't see how this is easier or faster in anyway(I mean you have to get pretty far in another game) and actually costs money (assuming you didn't have red/blue or a pokebank membership already).
Would you rather sos for ever or just do it this way and get it guaranteed on your first try?
I'd rather SOS than have to almost complete a whole new game and potentially spend money on....but idk that's just me
well, 100% chance is better than 15%, on top of that i tried to SOS a ha exeggcute and it took 15 minutes just to call another one into battle while on 1 hp and having an adrenal orb in effect, still think SOS sounds solid? plus you can get ha gen 1 pokemon in the process, including all the starters, think of it as hitting 2 birds with one stone.