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Hey I wanted ask if I can return to catch Balcephalon someway later as I want to shiny hunt it. I'm currently saved in the beginning of the Blacephalon ultra beast mission. Can I just run from the Blacephalon fight and able to return for them later?

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Yes, you can. You're actually able to catch two of them, so if you'd like, you can catch a normal one (perhaps as trading leverage), and then KO or run away from the second one to hunt later (it'll reappear in the same area). I've tested this and, while I haven't gotten around to actually hunting it yet, I've seen other people get a shiny Blacephalon after the postgame like this. I don't know for sure whether both will reappear if you KO/run away from both of them, but I honestly don't see why they wouldn't.

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