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What happen when a shiny zorua/zoroark transforn into other poke. Will it will be still shiny. Example its illusion is in hoopa will it become shiny hoopa? Sorry for bad english

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No, it wouldn't.
Since illusion copies the last conscious Pokemon in party, so if the last Pokemon isn't shiny, zorua/zoroark won't be shiny.

though i saw in videos that in black and white you can encounter zoroark disguised as a shiny. a really possible low rate,but it can happen. like with it disguised as a shiny raikou+ zoroark illusion when you have suicune in your party. that did hurt to see. either catching it or defeating it.
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It wouldn't be shiny.

I know because a guy in the comments before I edited this said so

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Can you prove this? A five-second search brings up posts from others who would disagree. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/989552-pokemon-black-version/58477384
It is best to include a reference in your answer if you can't back it with your own explanation.
I also recall shiny imposter ditto not being shiny when it transforms, so I don't think it'd be different for zorark
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