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I just really want to know


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OK so you need to have caught Zygarde 50% form (Resolution Cave, Poni Meadow) and then go to Route 16 and the caravan to the right of the PMC. Inside, you battle Dexio and receive the Zygarde Core. Go to your Important Items Pocket in your Bag with Zygarde in your party and press Use Item then click on Zygarde. You then have the option to change Zygarde's form or teach it a move. In USUM, Zygarde is the only Pokemon to learn Core Enforcer.

Zygarde isn't the only one. You forgot Smeargle.
Yes, sorry-forgot about how Smeargle can learn every move
but chatter
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Zygarde-In sum/moon, cells & cores can be collected, cores let you learn the moves extreme speed, Dragon dance, thousand arrows, thousand waves, and Core Enforcer.

In ultra sun/moon, you catch zygarde in the cave at the back of poni meadow (post game), then go to the aether house at Rt. 16, battle Dexio to get the other cells, cores, and zygarde cube, which can teach zygarde all of the previously mentioned moves.

Other Pokemon that can learn Core Enforcer are any Pokemon with sketch (Smergle) because they can learn any move.

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Mew can't learn every move. For example, it can't learn core enforcer.
He meant mew can learn CE with skwtch
How can Mew learn core enforcer with sketch if it can't know sketch?
oh, my b. Somehow, I thought mew had sketch in its moveset. i'll edit now.