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So I just got a Nidoking from the GTS with its hidden ability Sheer Force and a Modest nature. It's a straight 6IV beast, ev trained in SpA and Spe. What moves should I teach it to finish this set?

Nidoking (Nidoking) @Life Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
Evs: 252SpA 252Spe 4SpDef
Nature: Modest
Sludge Bomb
Earth Power
Ice Beam (?)

To be used in Singles 6v6 online battles, and the Battle Tree in USUM.

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Your Nidoking has nearly perfect coverage with those three moves, able to hit every Pokemon (except Shedinja) unresisted.
Therefore, a status move (such as Toxic) or a support move (such as Stealth Rock) or a gimmicky move ( such as Suckerpunch) would only serve to make him slightly stronger.
Flamethrower (or Fire Blast for added power) would also be a pretty good option, and it would give you perfect coverage.

However, Nido's movepool is pretty diverse. He can learn thunder(bolt), surf, and a slew of other excellent coverage moves. It really depends on your team.

A large percentage of the Pokemon that take neutral damage from your Nidoking's current attacks are Water and Flying types.
Source: PokemonDB's Type coverage checker.
Most flying types are faster than he is, and he will struggle against bulky waters without Thunder(bolt).

I suggest Thunder. It has the necessary power for Nido's decent Special Attack with Life Orb, as well as hitting a good deal of all Pokemon for super effective damage.

Plus, Shedinja isn't seen so much.

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The 70% accuracy makes it, on average, weaker than thunderbolt. It's probably better to just go with thunderbolt.
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I would prefer to use Thunder or Flamethrower.
If you want to use Sludge bomb, go with flamethrower. I also suggest sludge wave. So if you use Sludge wave, give him Thunder.
Hope I helped!

Cool. Anyone else think it's really annoying that Ice Beam only has 10PP unlike TBolt and Flamethrower? I'm gonna run Sludge Bomb on this one as I may use it for doubles with my Volcarona.
I don't think Because Nidoking won't be able to use ice beam 10 times. Nidoking has other 3 moves, so why you want to use ice beam 10 times?
Maybe on a Multiscale 31SpDef Iv 252SpDef Ev Dragonite? With a special defence boosting nature? I've run out of ice beams before.
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Stealth Rock is not only the best but also the most game changing move in the history (and probably the future) of Pokémon. The list of Pokémon that aren't even OU that would be excellent if it weren't for this move is considerable; Yanmega, Honchkrow, Victini, even Moltres would all be viable if they didn't have to lose at least a quarter of there health every time they decide to switch. And that list didn't even consider OU Pokémon that are weak to Stealth Rock. Can you imagine how overpowered Volcarona would be without it? Or Gyarados? Salamence? On top of this, Stealth Rock is easy to set up and doesn't need a dedicated user to do so. The fact that there are only 8 Pokémon weak to Stealth Rock in OU (and only one in the top ten) goes to show how crippling a weakness to the rocks is. You heard it here first folks: Stealth Rock, the best move in the game.

By the way, you should probably move the physical attack EVs to speed because you have no physical attacks.

OK. They actually are in SpA, I just typed it wrong