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I think that nidoking would use the move better. I found the rockslide tutor

My current team:

Charmeleon Lv. 30
Raichu Lv. 29
Nidoking Lv. 29

This is for FireRed.

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I don't think rock slide helps Nidoking very much regardless of whether you're battling in-game trainers or other people, especially because rock music was partly replaced by pop music :P. For in-game, Nidoking needs only earthquake, surf, and maybe shadow ball or ice beam to 2HKO most things. I think you should save the tutor in case you ever get a Pokemon that really needs rock slide, like Machamp, Dugtrio, Marowak, or Aerodactyl.

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Nidoking can learn Shock Wave which you should have the TM for rn, Electric type coverage is better than Rock type moves as it can counter both Water and Flying types
Why would you use shock wave when you can use thunderbolt?
eh true I mean Raichu would already know Thunderbolt but he might want to save it for another team member, say Lapras who can learn Thunderbolt
While Thunderbolt is better than Shock Wave, getting the TM for it would require you to grind in the Game Corner to get it (unless you wait until later, where you'd have so much money that you could just buy it), which if you're willing to grind for a TM, it'd instead be more efficient to grind EXP. Raichu would've had Thunderbolt already at this point too, with the added benefit of it being a more effective Thunderbolt user than Nidoking. Shock Wave can be used temporarily for Nidoking to deal with the early game Flying types, and later should be replaced with Ice Beam or Thunderbolt, as you'd have enough money to purchase it, unless you've spend it all on something else.