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I'm building a mono-poison-type team in Pokemon Showdown currently and I want to run stealth rock. The thing is, I have two options: Nihilego and Nidoking. Which Pokemon should I run Stealth Rock with?

This is for USM, right? If it is for USM, then I think neither is much better than the other at using stealth rock. You should probably just randomly teach stealth rock to one of them and thunderbolt to the other. When you start losing games, try switching stealth rock and thunderbolt to see if you win more.
This is Pokemon Showdown, so I guess it can count as Ultra Gen 7...
So my advice in the previous comment will probably work.
I'm sure it will.

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One of Nihelego's best if not best set is a Focus Sash lead that includes stealth rocks. Nidoking is obviously a good rocker, but it might be better off running a fourth coverage move since it can. If you don't find yourself needing coverage, maybe run double rocks which is often not seen, but can be used to keep rocks on the field very consistently.