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Which move should I run on Lickilicky? Which one has better coverage overall for this Pokemon?


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Most sets use Earthquake on Lickilicky, because it has more overall coverage and a higher base power. Also, Earthquake doesn't lower your speed (which probably doesn't matter that much. As long as you have a Dark type and Normal type move, you should be fine for coverage.)

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Thanks for the comment :) I was thinking of going Earthquake anyways, I was just curious about the better coverage between the two, which you stated pretty well

Just as a side note though Earthquake has the same base power as Hammer Arm.
i never use hammer arm anyway, i thought it had 90 base power for some reason.
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forgetting fighting is super effective on normal, people? do hammer arm
(also was that swampert you was using against lickililly)
edit: oy vey XD

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Lickilicky can actually outspeed some things, and those things are more common than normal-types. This makes hammer arm more often useless.
we meant lickilicky was using hammer arm or earthquake