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I'm trying to do an only baby Pokemon run in Platinum and would love to know!

Thank you!

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This answer assumes you have no interactions whatsoever with other Pokemon games. Interacting with other games to do things like trading something that knows surf might change the order you can get these. The answer is formatted as a list of events along with the baby Pokemon unlocked by each event.

Finish capture tutorial: Budew
Defeat Galactic grunts at Floaroma Meadow:
Munchlax might become obtainable as early as this, depending on your ID.
Defeat Mars at Valley Windworks: Cleffa, Chingling
Defeat Jupiter at Eterna City: Togepi
Visit Solaceon Town: Pichu
Defeat Cyrus at Celestic Town: Bonsly, Mime Jr., Azurill, Happiny, Magby
Munchlax might become obtainable as late as this, depending on your ID.
Finish Riley's side quest: Riolu
Talk to Professor Rowan after leaving Distortion World: Mantyke, Elekid
Upgrade to National Pokedex: Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Smoochum
Defeat champion: Wynaut

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So doing a baby run in platinum would be kinda difficult? if so what would be a better game for a baby pokemon run? excluding crystal
I think Platinum is one of the better games to do a baby only run because Budew is obtainable so early in that game. If you're allowed to evolve the baby Pokemon, then Togepi is great, too. I don't know if the BW2 and later games are better, but I do know for fact that GS and RSE are both worse because all your baby Pokemon need to hatch from eggs, and leveling up newly hatched Pokemon really slows down the game. I know for fact that BW is worse because no baby Pokemon are obtainable before getting the national Pokedex.