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Including banned Pokemon from Smogon.


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Note: Banned Pokemon who either have greater than or equil to the best stat are shown in brackets [].

Here are the highest of each stat for each type:

HP: Munchlax
Atk: Munchlax
Def: Slackoth
SpA: Litleo
SpD: Munchlax
Spe: Meowth

HP: Wailmer
Atk: Krabby
Def: Tirtouga
SpA: Omanyte
SpD: Mantyke
Spe: Poliwag

HP: Foongus
Atk: Cacnea
Def: Ferroseed
SpA: Cacnea
SpD: Lileep
Spe: Deerling

HP: Darumaka
Atk: Darumaka
Def: Litleo
SpA: Houndor
SpD: Ponyta
Spe: Ponyta

HP: Chinchou
Atk: Geodude(alola)
Def: Geodude(alola)
SpA: Magnemite
SpD: Chinchou
Spe: Voltorb

HP: Amaura
Atk: Sandshrew(alola) [Sneasel]
Def: Sandshrew(alola)
SpA: Smoochum
SpD: Vulpix(alola) [Sneasel]
Spe: Vulpix(alola)/Smoochum tie [Sneasel]
[Sneasel is banned]

HP: Phanphy
Atk: Trapinch/Mudbray tie
Def: Onix
SpA: Sandyghast
SpD: Baltoy
Spe: Diglett

Hp: Rhydon
Atk: Cranidos
Def: Onix
SpA: Omanyte
SpD: Nosepass
Spe: Anorith

HP: Timburr
Atk: Mienfoo
Def: Scraggy
SpA: Croagunk
SpD: Scraggy
Spe: Mankey

HP: Vulaby/Rufflet tie [scyther]
Atk: Archen
Def: Vulaby [scyther]
SpA: Archen
SpD: Mantyke
Spe: Wingull/Tailow tie [Scyther] [Scyther is banned]

Hp: Wynaut
Atk: Slowpoke
Def: Bronzor
SpA: Abra/Solosis tie
SpD: Drowzee/Mime Jr. tie
Spe: Abra

Hp: Pumpkaboo(Super)/Golett tie
Atk: Honedge
Def: Honedge
SpA: Ghastly
SpD: Duskull
Spe: Ghastly

HP: Grimer(alola)
Atk: Carvanha [Sneasel]
Def: Vulaby
SpA: Houndour/Zorua tie
SpD: Scraggy [Sneasel]
Spe: Meowth(alola) [Sneasel] [Sneasel is banned]

HP: Bronzor
Atk: Pawniard
Def: Shieldon
SpA: Magnemite:
SpD: Shieldon
Spe: Diglett(alola)

HP: Grimer/Grimer(alola) tie
Atk: Grimer/Grimer(alola) tie
SpA: Gastly
SpD: Tentacool
Spe: Gastly

HP: Venonat [scyther]
Atk: Anorith [Scyther]
Def: Skorupi/Pineco/Nincada tie
SpA: Joltik
SpD: Ledyba [scyther]
Spe: Wimpod [scyther] [Scyther is banned]

HP: Gible/Tyrunt tie
Atk: Tyrunt
Def: Tyrunt
SpA: Goomy
SpD: Goomy
Spe: Axew

HP: Igglybuff
Atk: Snubull
Def: Togepi
SpA: Mime Jr.
SpD: Mime Jr.
Spe: Cottonee

Source: Smogon

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How are both Vulpix and Smoochum faster than Sneasel, and how does Anorith have more physical attack than Scyther? Can you please make sure all the banned Pokemon are taken into account?
Let the asker decide if they want the banned Pokemon included. They might not want them because they're using this information to make teams. Don' have to ask for them if they can do it themselves.
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The asker specifically asked to include banned Pokemon.
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