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This guy gave me a 6x31 IV, Level 1, Shiny Zebstrika in Sun. How is this possible?

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This guy must be a hacker. Who will want to give 6 perfect IV Shiny Zebstrika?
It is level 1! A Zebstrika never can be level 1.
It is possible to get by hacking. Surely he hacked it.

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I will put it on GTS
Why on earth would you put an illegitimate pokemon on the GTS? This brings you down almost to the level of the hacker himself! Almost, though. Not that far down.
Release it
Why would I do that?
If you trade it, you would be a hacker
It's probably from a power save...
Don't stoop to hacker level. If I get a hacked mon, I either: release it/Keep in PC... Forever
o rly.