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I am shiny hunting Luxio, Axew and Deino. I want to know how to get one of those shiny fast. What are the chances and what happens if the Pokemon runs away from you, does it break the chain? Will I still able to catch a shiny? In ORAS

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Which game is this?

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I guess it's dexnav.
-Bring a lot of max/ super repels, elixir, ether, leppa berry, HP restoring items and pokeball.
-Equip your shiny charm.
-Get some Pokemon with false swipe, paralyzing or sleep inducing move, sweet scent.
-Make sure you have nothing on the day you'll be chaining.
-If there's multiple patches of grass, move to the middle.
-Sneak, don't walk or run.
-Don't run away from a Pokemon, get to battle with a trainer and don't leave the area.
-Have a Pokemon with sychronize in front of your party.
If a Pokemon runs away, the chain will break, you will need to restart the chain.

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Thank you so much, I got a shiny deino and a shiny axew. I've been struggling to find a answer but because of this answer you helped alot. Thanky you for helping.