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My main question is how Japanese people pronounce it. Please don't question my curiosity.

There is no specific way to pronounce it. We pronounce it Zed or Zee, and the Japanese can pronounce it Zed or Zee. There's no rules on it. This question is kinda void tbh.

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OK. Z is not a Japanese character, its English. According to Bulbapedia, https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Z-Move
It appears to be a "Z" followed by the Japanese word for move.

Therefore, in USA, it would be pronounced 'zee'. That is the correct american English pronunciation. In Canada, it would be 'zed'. Since 'z' isn't Japanese, there can be no truly correct pronunciation.

The Japanese language has no rules that govern the pronunciation of 'z', therefore, the English pronunciation is correct.
But there is more than one, so...

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But how do most Japanese people pronounce it?
How should I know? I'm not Japanese.

Tbh, its probably zee.
There's approx. 82,500 Japanese in Canada
There's over 15  million Japanese in USA.
Probably more than 20 million now.
Since there is more in American, the majority probably say zee.
If you don't know, then why are you answering?
Because that's how it SHOULD be pronounced.
I don't know how it is pronounced in reality. Thanks for the BA, tho.
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It's a simple explanation. I'm lucky I used to watch DanTDM.
The british pronunciation is 'zed', but the english pronunciation is 'zee'.

Agree here, as a Brit I say "Zed" and Americans say "Zee".
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A '''Z-Move''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|Z|ゼット}}ワザ''' ''Z-Move'') is a special type of [[move]]

And the "ゼット" is apparently pronounced "zetto".