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It Says It All On The Question

May has shown to blush sometimes at Drew so she might do, but it's probably just puppy love.

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Um well completely opinionated but I think not. I think May is just a little flustered in general and maybe a bit more around Drew because he has a strong male appearance. But you have to remember were basing this off a cartoon anything goes. But probably not saying if you haven't notice the anime doesn't discuss love unless it is trainer and family or trainer and pkmn. As far as the anime is concerned dating doesn't against at least for ash who is still like twelve lol.

Ash kissed Serena at a rather young age.
We don't know what happened at the last, we are only guessing Ash kissed Serena.
I think it was confirmed by the creators that Serena kissed Ash. In order to keep it child appropriate, they didn't actually show them kissing.
Exactly my point.
They still kissed, just saying.
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