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(in DPPt)
I read that the farther-away patches of grass are more likely to continue the chain, and that catching the Pokemon is more likely to continue the chain than defeating it. Does anyone know the exact numbers?


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When you use the Pokeradar is DPPt it generates 4 zones around the character. Zone 1 is always one tile adjacent to the player so is the closest to you, while zone 4 is furthest away.
Zone 1 has a 28% chance of continuing your chain
Zone 2 has a 48% chance of continuing your chain
Zone 3 has a 68% chance of continuing your chain
and Zone 4 has an 88% chance of continuing your chain

If my math is correct then this means that Zone 1 has a 72% chance of breaking your chain, Zone 2 has a 52% chance, Zone 3 has a 32% chance, and Zone 4 has a 12% chance.


As for catching it as opposed to defeating it, according to Bulbapedia it does increases the odds of a chain to continue, but only for the patches that shake immediately after the battle ends. Unfortunately though, I couldn't find the exact numbers for this.

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The source you linked says catching increases the chance by 10%.
Oh did it? I just read about the chain breaking chances. Thanks for letting me know, I'll read my own sources more carefully from now on. Glad I could help!