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The Legendary Pokémon events are this year (I just knew about it) but those Legendaries are event Pokémon, I really don't know how to get event Pokémon. Just literally who doesn't want shiny Zygarde, "it" is almost in there in the event.

But now I really wanna know, how to get event Pokémon?!

-SYL SmartYoungsterLorika or just Lorika i'll see you next time!

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The event details can be found at the official Pokémon 2018 legendary website. As for the events taking part May or later, the method of obtaining the Pokemon is currently unknown. The current legendary distribution is Raikou or Entei, depending on your game. For those in America, you can get a code at Target in between April 22-29. As for all European regions, which is your case, you can get the April legendaries via Nintendo Network April 4-25. That means that tomorrow is your last chance to obtain the legendary! (If you are reading this on April 25th, then today is the last chance) For a more in-depth method of obtaining them, see below.

Open your Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon game.
Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
Select Receive Gift.
Select Get via Internet, then Yes to connect to the internet.
Watch as you receive your Pokémon!
Resume the game, make sure you have an empty space in your party, and speak to the delivery person in any Pokémon Center to receive your Pokémon!
Be sure to save your game!

April Distributions Page

Hope I helped! :)

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Dear X-Scizor, it says (it's 25/04/2018 today) The gift was not there... I don't know why it says that because yeah. Hmmm...
I think GameFreak doesn't like me ):
Hmm weird. I mean, today is 25/4/18 so it should have worked. :( Are you sure u did the Mystery Gift correctly?
Yes I am sure. Maybe last day doesn't count?
Oh, that stinks. Just for the following months, make sure to check the Pokémon Official Website and it should tell you how to get them and the time frame.
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If you go to the Pokemon official site, then go to the legendary thing, it will give you instructions. Like this month you have to go to Target and ask for one of the codes.