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Bulbapedia says that, because of some oversight, they sometimes behave like Japanese Pokemon. Does this include the Masuda Method? Please don't question my curiosity.
Kazza, Charap, and Gaspar are the Abra, Chatot, and Haunter that in-game NPCs trade to you.

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If it gives you a Japanese pokedex entry in black, the game probably still thinks there Japanese pokemon. If thats the case then the Musuda method would have to work, but im not sure.
In these games, they're counted as English Pokemon (example: French Volty from Lt. Surge in Pokemon HG/SS is counted as English in an English game), so you wouldn't be able to use them Masuda wise. Sorry. I hope I helped
Are you sure this is true even for DP?
I'm pretty sure. Both of the games are Gen IV.
Bulbapedia specifically says those traded Pokemon behave differently in DP than in the other 3 Generation 4 games. So if traded Pokemon in HGSS can't activate the Masuda method, then those from DP still might.

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