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When the Togepi egg hatches, you get a scripted call from Prof. Elm, but what happens if you trade the egg away? Would the game even let you do that? If it does, then would the game recognize the egg if you trade it back afterwards?

I am not sure, but you can't trade eggs.
I am pretty sure you can. There’s even a spin trade option in the Union Room that is built around this very feature.
Would the game recognize any togepi that hatches? Also, I beat the game with Togepi's Egg in the PC the whole time, So I don't think it affects the story that badly.

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Pretty sure you don't get the Eviolite from Elm if you trade Togepi before showing it too him, but I don't think it really affects the story.

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Eviolite doesn't exist in HGSS
They probably mean the Everstone. Ii figured not getting the Everstone from Elm was probably the only noticeable consequence for if you trade the egg, but I was curious if there was anything else.