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The first or second time? and tell us your team.

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I just went in there with a balanced team and plenty of medicens I bought revival herbs at the herb store. The elite four doesnt have a vierity in elements. The ghost and the phsychic trainers share a common weakness and dark and fight have there easy to learn move weaknesses.my team was samurott,simisear,zebstrika,stoutland,druddgion,and unfezant.

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Herbs aren't cheap - and don't forget they lower happiness.
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Zoroark can beat psychic and ghost .
Sawk/Throh/Cnkedlurr can beat dark .
Archeops/braviary can beat fighting

Or lucario with aura shpere and psychic can beat dark and fighting .

I used my lv 51 zoroark and lv 51 lucario and won so it can be done .

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First time:maybe borrowing a high level pokemon from a friend would be good.
second time:catch kyurem and volcarona

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