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> There is a Pikachu-themed trailer towards the center of the valley that if the player tries to enter, they are stopped by one to three Pikachu exiting the trailer. There seems to be a **limitless** amount of Pikachu that come out of the trailer, and the Trial Guide near the trailer will count how many Pikachu have come out for them, although he will **eventually lose count**. Behind the trailer is a river that blocks access to the rest of the valley. In the background, more Pikachu, as well as a Slowpoke can be seen moving about. The far end of the valley is a mountain marked with caves. On top of the mountain is a small lake that flows down to the river as a waterfall.

No one knows how many pikachu are there, probably limitless. Ask GameFreak to count them. Pikach Valley is a location in the game, but we can't go there to count pikachu.
The trailer guide stop counting after 999.
So, it is unresolved.
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A youtuber did a livestream of it and it was over 1000 I thought. He saw a Mimikyu though...
I reached over 100 but this is endless. I think GameFreak is saying real that they going to get the fact that they are trying to get over 1000 Pikachus in that Trailer. Or GameFreak logic though?
Maybe there is an Ultra-Wormhole Portal inside it. Because USUM had it SM hadn't it. This is just a theory.

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I think it is just a game freak joke :P