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Also, Pokestar studio Pokemon. Can you use them in Showdown? How? Please explain.
My friend says I can use MissingNo. Is this true?

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You can use Spiky-eared Pichu (I assume that's what you meant) in most Gen 4 formats on Showdown if it has a Naughty nature.

Pichu-Spiky-eared @ Zap Plate  
Ability: Static  
Naughty Nature  
- Volt Tackle  
- Helping Hand  
- Swagger  
- Pain Split

You can use any moves it gets and any item these are just the ones it comes with from the event.

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Pokestar studio Pokemon are used in some randomized formats.
Glitch Pokemon like missing no are used in some random formats.
Cosplay Pikachu can be used in any Gen 6 format it is not banned in.
Spiky Eared Pichu can be used in any Gen 4 format it is not banned in.
Eternal Floette (not Eternal Flabébé) can appear in some random formats.

(For example: Randomized formats like Metronome and Hackmons Cup, which can use all Pokemon except CAP)

Source (I looked through there), Experience. :P

Hope I helped!

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I've seen Pokestar Studio Pokemon in Metronome Battle.
edited, I also seen one today on Hackmons cup :P
Are you sure?