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So I beat Clay, the Driftveil City Gym, went to Cold Storage, and found TM55 Scald. I want to learn that to my Level 32 Dewott. But, I think the moves it has right now are strong enough?
Current Moves:
- Water Pulse
-Razor Shell
-Fury Cutter
I’m thinking to replace Scald with Fury Cutter cause I think Oshawott’s evolutions really specialize in attack moves. Any thoughts?

I would probably delete Razor Shell, since it has the same PP as Scald but Scald is stronger. Also, that way, you won't have 3 water moves. But, yeah, Fury Cutter is also pretty underwhelming in terms of BP so idk.

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In my personal opinion through playing the game you should get rid of water pulse.
Because of the fact that it's base power is 60 and scalds base power is 80 so if you are to have a special attacking water move you would want the stronger one plus while water pulse can (doesn't mean it's going to.) cause confusion scald can cause burn! and you don't want to get rid of razor shell because of the fact that Samurott's attack is only 8 lower than it's special attack and if someone lowers your special attack you don't wanna just have to switch out or throw in the towl no! you can just switch to razor shell! furthermore you don't want to get rid of fury cutter because it's a good counter to grass types and every time you use it in a row the power goes up by 1.5! and it's good until your dewott evolves and you can teach it mega horn. (and revenge isn't in the question because it's not stand out weak throws a nice curveball for your set and if used correctly can really put the Samurai in Samurott! lol.) Hope I helped trainer!

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Thank you so much! Whenever I think of Samurott, I think of him as a really strong attacker, so maybe I should have moves that are much stronger! :)
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I would replace razor shell with scald because scald can burn the opponent and dewott has a higher special attack than attack and there's really no reason to not to use fury cutter and you can do the verls meme with the how to use Venusaur and it doesn't get any more coverage at that point so Fury Cutters fine to use right now until something better comes

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I would replace fury cutter personally , because samurott wouldnt benefit of that move AT ALL and its generally just not a great move and would become too weak later on in the game.