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Scolipede is the weak link of my team, and his moveset is weak at level 35 he knows
Poison Tail
Iron Defense
I could really use either a better Pokemon (doesn't matter who I'll bring anything up) or can I get by with a better moveset (ingame gym 7)

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...what game...?
Scolipede's only available pre-National Dex in BW, BW2, and XY.

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Hmm... Scolipede is your average, or perhaps below average sweeper.
I'd recommend
[email protected] Claw
Atk: 135
Def: 105
SAtk: 60
SDef: 105
Spe: 20
-Swords Dance
-X Scissor
-Iron Head
-Drill Run

Escavalier is a very good Pokemon to have in any game. His good defense and special defense makes him... sort of a, semi-tank, I guess? :P That amazing attack makes him a great attacker compared to Scolipede, plus the type combination makes him weak to only fire, which can be countered using drill run.

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