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You know how every now and then you find some of the walls are pink? Well out of curiosity, I press A, and a strange message came up in some language. I tried some more and thay kept having diffenrent messages on them. Its not Unown, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to "Crack the code of the mystery white pannels?"

Are they dots
O, they arent. They're like Unown patterns, exept (I thouroughly checked) they aren't....
This is another question we need to fix the answer with...

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They are code language for what you're supposed to do to continue. It's like FLASH,WATER, STRENGTH. I am completely sure about this one. Hope this helps!

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In pokemon saphire, where the regis are, instead of symbols, they were dots. I asked my dad (yes my dad) if this was a language. He said it as for people with special handicaps. (for example im making this up: deaf people may use this)

it's brail for blind people. the dots are raised when on paper so they can feel it with thier finger tips