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I'm in the Abyssal Ruins and I'm passing pink walls that are in a different language and the wall that's supposed to move if you press A isnt moving. can some one help me?


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  • What do the pink walls say?
    This will tell you what the pink walls say. They seem to refer to a king of some sort most of the time.

Floor 1

Listen to King's words.
Primes lead to truth.
King is brave.
King never loses hope.
King is kind.
King has a dream.
King is adventurous.
King accepts all.
King turns 2nd corner.
King turns 3rd corner.
King turns 5th corner.
King turns 7th corner.
Have the heart of King.
Here we praise King.
King's light shines.
King moves his people.
King acts with love.
King fought hatred.
No king gets lost. / Go on, brave king.

Floor 2

Life is gratitude.
Eating is receiving life.
Good or evil isn't all.
Do not be barbaric.
One must not waste.
All is precious.
Wars create tears.
Shine if agreed.

Floor 3

King talks to all beings.
Saved all from waves.
King is hope for all.
Think act with love.
Act strong if agreed.

Floor 4

King defeated ③ alone.
④ joined King in a day.
King called ⑤ beings.
King is hope and future.
The great King ⑥.

  • Why isn't the wall moving?
    You need to reach the wall in the center of the first floor in less than 191 steps. If you do that, the wall will move. To get to the third floor, you need to use Flash near the wall in the center to move it. To get to the fourth floor, use Strength on the wall in the center of the third floor. The Relic Crown is on the fourth floor.

This displays a map of each floor can help with getting through the ruins.

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