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I understand that there is only a 10% chance of Ominous Wind raising your stats, which should result in an activation within about 10 uses, statistically speaking (I know it's a chance, not an exact representation).

In my game I have a Decidueye with Ominous Wind. I have kept the move for it's stat boost and decent power (obviously). However, I have never (not even once) received a stat boost when using this move. I have even seen an opposing NPC use the move with success. I was curious, so I went on an "Ominous Wind Spree" where I used no one but Decidueye and nothing but Ominous Wind. I played for over an hour with not a single stat raise.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Am I just 'that' unlucky?

Ominous wind will never raise your stats if it doesn't hit the opponent, so using it on normal Pokemon won't work.

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Yes, you are very unlucky, or don't know how it works.
Statistically, 1 in 10 ominous winds must raise your stats.
I know I am editing a very old answer, but I realised- the reason you didn't receive your stat boosts is because if the battle ends with ominous wind, you won't receive your stat boosts.
Hope I helped!

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Just for your information, I have tried a calm mind and ominous wind drifblim baton passer, and I have been lucky most of the times.