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Like, its been through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh and beaten all their gym leaders(plus the orange island's frontier brains) yet still loses to Trip's Snivy, which is fresh out of Prof. Juniper's lab. What is up with that???


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It's very strange Ash's pikachu as been in all the regions so far and it should be like Lv 100+ As AleX just said it was due to Zekrom but what about before also why don't the characters use their brains.

In the Sinnoh League, Ash made pikachu continuously use thunderbolt on Laitos. Why couldn't he make Pikachu use Iron tail On Laitos Back. Pikachus incredible training should mean it should be able to destroy everything. AN other example even though Pikachu has advantage, when Fighting Trip's Frillish it lost. Was it bad stratgy or just bad luck.....

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He couldnt attack because he had a stactic shock thing making him unable to attack

It was from zekrom
That blocked his electric attacks. Shouldn't he have KO'd Snivy when he used Iron Tail?
He tried that, but he failed cos it wasn't STAB Electric move.