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I'm in the Post-Game of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and I completed the Triangle Temple and got the Regis + Regigigas. Then I went to Jewel Road and got all the way to B13F but DIANCIE WASN"T THERE!!!

I had Ginny(main), Treecko(Partner), and Hydregon + I had the Djinn Bottle for extra help if I needed it. Is there something I'm doing wrong???

I’m sorry, but I don’t play crappy side games so I can’t answer this
Ok I get that but can you please find somebody who can help?
I'll look around :P

ENT, some Side Games (like this one) are cool. You just lack taste :P
Thanks Stakatacool. And you really should try it EvilTwinNeedle; it has an amazing story.

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So, as I understand (I have not played this Mystery Dungeon yet, so am unfamiliar with the mechanics) Diancie is met in the mission "Meet up with Diancie!", and requires a connection with Regigigas.

You may have gone to Jewel Road, but did you go there when you had that mission? If you didn't, as far as I can tell, you won't encounter Diancie.

Sources: Bulbapedia, Serebii

Tell me if this is wrong/doesn't work, etc.

Hope I helped!

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OMG I'm so dumb I connected with Regigigas but I never accepted Diancie's request...
Yeah, we all Focus Miss every once in a while. It happens to the best of us. Just don't call yourself dumb. You're better than that.
Aw thank you :)
At least you’re being honest with yourself (I’m just kidding lol)
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